"The interaction between banks and fintech companies in Bulgaria is still lagging behind", shared Mr. Miroslav Vichev, the CEO of Borica, in the TV show "In Development" on Bloomberg Bulgaria.

“BORICA-BANKSERVICE” AD informs its clients - holders of B-Trust electronic signature that as of 1 July 2017 all electronic signatures will be renewed.

“Digitization is an area of innovation and technological development of the banks”, shared the CEO of the company in an interview to the Computerworld.

In front of the camera of Mr. Miroslav Vichev, CEO of “BORICA – BANKSERVICE” commented the latest trends in electronic payments, the future of mobile payments, the way Bulgarians typically pay and when are we to leave banknotes in the past.

This information has been revealed to the CIO magazine by Alexander Stanev – “Payment systems and information services“ Director at BORICA – BANKSERVICE AD.